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“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Leonardo di Vinci


This one day course is designed to be informative, interactive and fun. It aims to provide participants with an overview of the correct use of etiquette and good manners, combining both theory and practical role play.

We welcome all age groups, and nationalities on our courses. Course sessions may be run for mixed groups of both men and women, or, if preferred, for ladies or gentlemen only.

Ideal for all sorts of circumstances, the day course covers the essential areas of etiquette. The workshop session covers some key learning points as follows:

  • The correct protocol for meeting and greeting people in a variety of situations both social and business.

  • The use of body language when meeting people, including eye contact, shaking hands and other protocols.

  • Tips for engaging in the art of conversation with the aim of boosting self-awareness and confidence.

  • Personal Grooming – how to present yourself at all times.

  • Teaching modern manners. Manners are nothing to do with whether you are rich, have had a good education or grew up in certain social circles. Today, people are much more likely to define themselves by their work, their interests, as well as their background or social status.


Cost for each participant is £219 (no VAT) based on a minimum of 10 participants per course.

For larger groups, the course can be designed to suit the needs and can be bespoke around specific etiquette needs and requirements. The cost can be negotiated.

Please see details on other courses that can be purchased or designed to suit.


Leonardo di Vinci



欢迎不同年龄段、不同国籍的人们参加我们的课程。 课程将以男女学员混合的形式授课,或者如有意向,可以提供专门的女士或男士课程。


  • 各种社交和商务场合中正确的见面与问候礼节。

  • 与人见面时肢体语言的使用,包括眼神交流、握手和其他礼节。

  • 参与对话的艺术,以提升自我意识和自信为目的。

  • 个人装扮:如何随时展现自己。

  • 教授现代行为举止。 行为举止与你是否富有,是否受到良好的教育,或是否生长在某些社交圈子中无关。 当今社会,人们更加倾向于按照工作、兴趣以及背景或社会地位来定义自己。





Dining Etiquette Course用餐礼仪课程

  • Dining Etiquette – how to eat correctly and protocols for both dinner party guest and host.

  • Personal Grooming – how to present yourself at all times.

  • Self-awareness – gain confidence within yourself and amongst others.

  • Meeting & Greeting – British and international greetings and protocols.

  • A-Z of Etiquette – the do’s and don’ts of everyday living and interaction.

  • 用餐礼仪:如何正确用餐,以及宴会上宾主双方的礼节。

  • 个人装扮:如何随时展现自己。

  • 自我意识:在自己和他人中获取自信。

  • 见面与问候:英国和国际问候与礼节。

  • 礼仪百科:日常生活与互动中的行为规范

Afternoon Tea Etiquette Course下午茶礼仪课程

  • British Afternoon Tea – experience and etiquette (additional £20 per person supplement)

  • Introduction to French Cuisine – the understanding of menu’s and wines.

  • Introduction to Noble Sports

  • Pronunciation and image of Luxury Brands

  • 英式下午茶:体验与礼仪(每人另收20英镑)

  • 法国美食介绍:理解菜单和酒类。

  • 贵族运动介绍

  • 奢侈品牌的发音和图形

Business and Corporate Etiquette Workshop商务和企业礼仪课程

  • Understanding business – British business and the business you are in

  • Business relationships – clients and colleagues

  • Dining Etiquette – business lunches and when entertaining

  • Achieving success – avoid enemies, make friends and a good impression

  • Business grooming – how to look sharp and mean business

  • Communication – phone, email, social media, reports, meetings, presentations

  • Knowledge is power – the things you need to know

  • 理解商务:英国商务和您所在国家的商务

  • 商务关系:客户和同事

  • 用餐礼仪:商务午餐和招待时间

  • 实现成功:避免树敌,结交朋友,留下良好印象

  • 商务装扮:如何看起来精明、认真

  • 沟通:电话、电子邮件、社交媒体、报告、会议、展示

  • 知识就是力量:您需要学习哪些知识

Dating & Social Etiquette Course约会和社交礼仪课程

  • Small talk – what to talk about and when

  • Social networking – meeting people

  • Body language – reading the signals

  • Grooming – how to look your best

  • Dating – basic principles

  • Personality types – who’s right for you?

  • Self-awareness and confidence – time for a boost

  • The perfect date night – how to plan and deliver

  • 闲聊:说什么以及何时说

  • 社交网络:与人见面

  • 肢体语言:读懂信号

  • 装扮:如何展现最好的自己

  • 约会:基本原则

  • 个性类型:谁适合你?

  • 自我意识和自信:提升时间

  • 完美的约会之夜:如何策划和实施

Etiquette for Children and Teens儿童与青少年礼仪

Children (7-12) & Teens (13-19)

  • Eating Etiquette

  • Meeting & Greeting

  • Social Etiquette

  • Elocution

  • Health & Fitness

  • The art of conversation


  • 用餐礼仪

  • 见面和问候

  • 社交礼仪

  • 演说法

  • 健康和健身

  • 对话的艺术

Bespoke Etiquette Courses定制礼仪课程

  • Private tuition in your own home

  • British Etiquette – all aspects

  • British Culture – all aspects

  • General Etiquette – all levels

  • Men Only – How to be a Modern Gentleman

  • Women Only – How to be a Modern Lady

  • Wedding etiquette

  • Dress code for every occasion and at events, May Ball, Polo, Ascot, Henley Regatta

  • 私人家教

  • 英式礼仪:各个方面

  • 英国文化:各个方面

  • 通用礼仪:各个层次

  • 男士专属:如何成为现代绅士

  • 女士专属:如何成为现代淑女

  • 婚礼礼仪

  • 各种场合和不同活动(五月舞会、马球、阿斯科特赛马会、亨利皇家划船赛)中的着装要求

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