The Etiquette Coach

Julie Evelyn

Previously a commercial director for a global hotel internet booking company, Julie has thirty years of experience in the corporate world advising companies on strategy and marketing. In this time, Julie travelled extensively in Europe and the US and she observed a basic need amongst many very successful people for etiquette improvement skills and a new idea was created.

Julie was born and educated in Cambridge, England. She has always admired English etiquette and the way it shapes modern manners. It is Julie’s passion to share her knowledge of English etiquette so everyone can gain more self-confidence in their social and business environment.

Julie is founder of the Etiquette Coach, an educational and training company that provides a range of YouTube tutorials on etiquette and manners that are designed to be relevant in the modern world.

Julie is a board member of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE). BAWE is an internationally affiliated group, the membership of which is for women who have considerable experience in running their own businesses. BAWE is a network for women focused on optimising business opportunities including international business opportunities.


Up Close and Personal

My personal style signifiers are my Chanel jackets and pearl necklaces, Prada handbags and Gianvito Rossi court shoes, Black and also Navy evening dresses, I love Donna Karan and La Petite Robe by Chiara Boni.

Personal Grooming. I would be lost without Richard Wards’ Sloane Square salon in London. Such a cool, amazing salon experience. My two heroes; Mario for my highlights and stylist Adolfo who knows my hair better than me

The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe was another black evening dress by Versace that I wore for my husband’s 50th birthday party.

An unforgettable place I’ve travelled to in the past year is Miami for the energy and relaxation. Also old town Palma, Mallorca. Walking around exploring the architecture, history and culture of this beautiful Spanish city. Popping into charming bars and numerous art galleries in the narrow streets and alleys of the old town surrounding the cathedral. Staying in boutique hotels converted from grand old palaces.

The last meal that truly impressed me was at Murano London, Angela Hartnett’s Michelin starred restaurant in in Mayfair. Intimate, romantic, and comfortable which is a rare combination today. I cannot resist the hake, crab and ginger raviolo. It’s a place that is both refined and relaxed and an occasion every time.

An indulgence I would never forgo is champagne, my Crème De La Mar moisturiser and Armani Prive Rose d’Arabie Eau de parfum.

My favourite room in the house is my bedroom with large smart TV and en-suite bathroom that is separate to my husbands’ en-suite bathroom. Also my spacious loft office which is light and airy.

Most over used expression? We will cross that bridge when we get to it.

How do you switch off? With girlfriends over a long lunch.

Worst thing about you? Impatience and always looking for the new trends

Best thing about you? Always having time for family and friends.

Life philosophy? Don’t have regrets. You can learn something from every experience.
The more you give in life the more you get back. Learn new skills, keep an open mind and to be hungry for knowledge.

Ultimate turn off? Rudeness, people that shout and poor etiquette obviously.

Loves? White flowers, good manners, summer, lunches in the garden and long walks when on holiday abroad.

Guilty of? Obsessive cleanliness and always tidying things away.

Collect? Handbags, shoes and dresses.

On a normal morning you will find me? Either in my gym having a light workout or doing a BarrConcept workout at my local dance studio, ESSE in Melbourn Cambridgeshire.

Unfulfilled ambition? To write childrens’ stories. To perfect my Italian and to learn Spanish and Portuguese.

Favourite cities? London, Madrid and Venice in the winter.

Three words that describe you? Sensitive, kind and entrepreneurial.

Any phobias? Frogs and parking meters.

Tipple? Champagne, favourite is Veuve Clicquot.

Things that leave you cold? Football.

Dream dinner party guests? George Michael, Coco Chanel, Steven Fry, Jeremy Irons, Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley and Luciano Pavarotti.

Favourite music album? Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music) More than This and George Michael Symphonica, a true masterpiece of music art.

Favourite brands? Gianvito Rossi, Chanel, Armani, Caprice Restaurant Group and Apple.

Julie 曾在一家全球酒店互联网预订公司担任商务总监,拥有三十年企业界工作经验,为公司提供战略与营销咨询。这次,Julie 游历欧美,发现很多非常成功的人士对提高礼仪技能有着基本需求,一个新的想法产生了。

Julie 出生于英国剑桥,并在那里接受教育。她始终赞赏英国礼仪及其对现代行为的塑造方式。Julie 热衷于向每一个人分享她的英国礼仪知识,让每个人在社交和商务场合收获自信。

Julie 是礼仪培训师的创始人,这是一家教育与培训公司,通过YouTube提供一系列专门为现代社会设计的礼仪与仪态教程。

Julie 是英国女企业家协会(BAWE)理事会成员。英国女企业家协会是一家国际性的联合团体,会员针对在经营自己的企业方面有着丰富经验的女性。英国女企业家协会为专注于增加商业机会(包括国际商业机会)的女性提供了一个网络。


我个人风格的标志是我的Chanel外套和珍珠项链、Prada手包和Gianvito Rossi船鞋、黑色和深蓝色晚礼服,我喜欢Donna Karan和Chiara Boni小黑裙。

个人装扮。要不是 Richard Wards 在伦敦斯隆广场的沙龙,我恐怕会迷失自己。那是一次很酷的、非常棒的沙龙体验。我的两位英雄人物:为我染头发的 Mario,以及比我更了解我的头发的造型师 Adolfo



上一次令我印象深刻的一餐是在伦敦穆拉诺,Angela Hartnett 位于梅费尔的米其林星级餐厅中。亲密、浪漫、舒适,十分罕见的结合在一起。那里的鳕鱼、螃蟹和生姜意大利饺让我无法抗拒。那里精致、休闲,每一次都让我心满意足。

我永远无法放弃地爱着香槟、我的Crème De La Mar乳液,和Armani Prive Rose d’Arabie Eau香水。
















饮酒吗?香槟,最喜欢Veuve Clicquot。


梦想中的排队宾客?George Michael、Coco Chanel、Steven Fry、Jeremy Irons、Jennifer Saunders、Joanna Lumley和Luciano Pavarotti。

喜欢的音乐专辑?Bryan Ferry(洛克西音乐团)的More than This和George Michael的Symphonica,真正的音乐艺术杰作。

喜欢的品牌?Gianvito Rossi、Chanel、Armani、Caprice餐厅集团和Apple。

Jermaine Lee

Jay is co-founder of the Etiquette Coach and is both tutor and creative director. Jay brings a wide experience of education and training in the world of health, fitness and fashion.

A first class communicator and team leader, Jay is focused on creating opportunities for people to improve their skills as well as taking responsibility for the creative development of the company.


Up Close and Personal

My personal style signifier I tend to keep classic pieces in my wardrobe using neutral colours to be able to mix and match my outfits easily, Stones, Greys, Blues, Whites interspersed  with colours of the season. I will add key looks that  on trend to keep my look current. Massimo Dutti would be my ‘go to ‘store.

The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe. A navy blue polo top by Massimo Dutti

An unforgettable place I have I’ve travelled to in the past year. A trip to St Petersburg, the architecture, the history is mind blowing.

The last meal that truly impressed me. Pasaji restaurant in Mykonos, the food is sublime with great service and a beautiful sea view.

An indulgence I never forgo. I guess it would be travelling and exploring new cities and countries, also my Tom Ford ‘extreme’ for men delicious.

My favourite room in my house. The media room, a place to escape to watch films, read a book or take the odd nap. Designed in rich browns which makes it feel cosy & warm.

Most over used expression. It is what it is

How do you switch off? The gym, I can totally zone out and be in the moment.

The worse thing about you. My sense of direction, Id be lost without sat nav, google maps etc.

Best thing about you. Time keeping, spinning the positive , adding humour. In most situations.

Life philosophy. Always look on the bright side and never sweat the small stuff it is what it is.

Ultimate turn off? Seeing people spit or blow their noses without a tissue.

Loves. Blue skies, food, laughing, art

Guilty of? Pulling pranks on people

Collect? Underwear, I never seem to have enough, always seem to be buying them.

On a normal morning you will find me? Either working or in the gym

Unfulfilled ambition? To play a musical instrument

Favourite cities? London, Rome, Istanbul, Nice

Three words that describe you? Sensitive, sarcastic, grounded, witty

Any phobias? Worms, slugs, Balloons, heights

Tipple? Guinness, Aperol, Bubbles

Things that leave you cold? Litter

Dream dinner party guests? David Attenborough, Leonado di Vinci, Kathy Reich, Amy Schumer, French & Saunders

Favourite music album? Air by moon safari

Favourite brands? Tom Ford, Massimo Dutti, Audi, my protein

Jay 是“礼仪培训师”联合创始人,同时兼任导师和创意总监。Jay 在健康、健身和时尚界拥有丰富的教育与培训经验。

作为一名一流的沟通者和团队领导者,Jay 专注于为人们提高技能创造机会,并负责公司的创意开发工作。



我个人风格的标志是我倾向于选择中性颜色的经典款衣服,可以轻松百搭,以当季色彩点缀石头色、灰色、蓝色和白色。我会使用符合潮流的点睛之笔来保持我外形的时尚感。我喜欢去Massimo Dutti购物。

我衣柜里最新添置的衣物。是一件Massimo Dutti的深蓝色马球衫。



不会放弃的嗜好。我想是旅行和探索新的城市与国家,还有我的Tom Ford男士极致版香水。


















梦想中的排队宾客?David Attenborough、Leonado di Vinci、Kathy Reich、Amy Schumer、French和Saunders

喜欢的音乐专辑?空气乐队(Air)的Moon Safari

喜欢的品牌?Tom Ford、Massimo Dutti、Audi、my protein